The ‘A’ Team – Wedding Planners


No! Not Hannibal, Face, BA Baracus and Murdock!!

I mean the Awesome, Amazing, Award-Winning Pendrell Hall Events Team; wedding planners extraordinaire, recently voted Regional Highly-Commended Events Team – West Midlands 2015, in the Wedding Industry Awards.

Get the Most Out of Your Viewing

Book a viewing of Pendrell Hall and you can expect a very warm welcome from one of our Award Winning Events Team who will love showing you around this beautiful Staffordshire wedding venue.

You’ll get so much more than just a guided tour though; every one of our Event Managers has helped numerous couples plan and execute their dream wedding at Pendrell Hall. As they show you around the venue you can expect to hear loads of ideas about how best to use the space based on what the Event Managers have seen at real weddings.

They know from experience what works and love sharing top tips on how to really wow your guests and make the most of every precious moment on your wedding day. Make sure you ask loads of questions, you’ll find our Events Managers are a mine of information and will love to hear your ideas too.

Your ‘A’ Team Wedding Planners

Should you choose to book Pendrell Hall for your wedding (Whohooo! Exciting run around the living room moment!!!) then you’ll be able to tap into the vast wealth of wedding knowledge accumulated by our Events Team whenever you like.

There’s always a member of our Events Team in the office during normal weekday working hours to answer any queries you might have throughout your wedding planning journey. Give us a call or drop us an email with your query and look forward to a prompt response; don’t be surprised if you get a reply at 10 o’clock at night, if we’ve got a wedding on, the Event Manager will be on site until late keeping an eye on the email and replying whenever she gets a moment!

Your Events Manager – Your Planning Meeting

You’ll find out which of the Events Managers will be looking after you on your wedding day around 3 months prior to your wedding when you’ll be invited to attend your Planning Meeting with them.

This is your Events Manager’s opportunity to chat through the details of your wedding day. Which suppliers you’ve chosen, whether you’d like a Receiving Line or not, how many guests you’ve invited etc.

It’s also a great opportunity to enjoy a relaxed chat; you might think our amazing Events Managers are asking the odd fairly random question but they’re just trying to make sure you’ve thought of everything and they’ll be getting to know you both and picking up on what you’re hoping the vibe of the day will be.

On The Big Day

We’ll experience the excitement and heightened emotions of your wedding day with you! Our Events Managers genuinely care and want everything to run smoothly for you. They’ll be on site well before you to oversee the placing of your decorations and they’ll be there to welcome you and watch over the proceedings all day.

There’s a great page on our website which details all the things we do for you on your wedding day but what that page can’t convey is the joy we get from doing it and all the weird and wonderful stuff that just happens, that we just take in our stride and make work for you.

Our Events Team have calmed nervous Brides, held crying babies who needed a bottle just as the Bride (mum) was about to walk down the aisle, fastened numerous buttonholes, dealt with guest’s wardrobe malfunctions and generally been there to lend a helping hand wherever it’s needed.
As wedding planners go we’d like to think our ‘A’ Team are pretty special.


“I love it when a plan comes together”





Thank you to James at ATD Wedding Photography for the gorgeous photographs of Pendrell Hall featured on this page.