The Wedding Breakfast

Your Wedding Breakfast

Designed and built to host sophisticated and fabulous parties, The Ballroom at Pendrell Hall is an absolutely spectacular setting for your Wedding Breakfast.

Perhaps one of the most confusing phrases used, the Wedding Breakfast is a delicious celebratory meal enjoyed by the Bride and Groom and their daytime guests following the drinks reception and photographs. It’s also the ideal time for the much-awaited wedding speeches.

The Ballroom

The Ballroom is spectacular; the gentle palette throughout complements any wedding theme and the stunning mirrors add a touch of glamour.

With a couple of personal touches, a great soundtrack playing in the background and some delicious food and drink served effortlessly by our professional staff, your guests will have fond memories of your wedding breakfast for many months to come.

Make a Grand Entrance

For the Bride and Groom, entering The Ballroom to the uproarious applause of friends and family is one of the highlights of the day, it is such a joyful moment and for many, it is the first time they see their vision complete; all the table centrepieces, decorations, favours, flowers and guests, in place and looking resplendent!

Stained-Glass Skylights

The Ballroom positively glows, gleaming rays of light beam down from the extraordinarily decorative stained-glass skylights, so large they account for almost a third of the entire ceiling area.

As the sun sets, these stunning skylights are enhanced with an array of changing coloured lights to help create the perfect party atmosphere for your wedding reception and evening entertainment.