Useful Measurements

How high, how long, how many...

Morning Room

Fireplace Shelf 
950mm length, 80mm width, 560mm height.

Window Sill
1700mm length, 300mm width.

Corner Shelves of Fireplace
1555mm x 2 length, 80mm x 2 width.

Fire Place Opening 
1102mm wide, 1102mm high, 300mm deep.

Entrance Hall

Window Sill 
2900mm length, 160mm width.
Fireplace Shelf
1700mm length, 205mm width


Fireplace Shelf
1750mm length, 204mm width
Fireplace Opening
1200mm wide, 810mm high, 380mm deep

Drawing Room

Fireplace Shelves (at either side)
750mm length, 105mm width

Fireplace (middle)
2105mm length, 190mm width


Large bay window, from hook to hook, right to left (width)
73 inches, 72 inches, 76 inches, 72 inches, 73 inches.

Large window at the back of the Ballroom
67.5 inches

Bannister along the Balcony (width)
102 inches

Small Bannister by stairs into the Ballroom (width)
52 inches