Venue Dressing Guidelines

Why Not Visit Before the Wedding

We love working with amazing wedding suppliers to help bring your vision to life. Here are a few guidelines on what we do and don’t allow at Pendrell Hall. Get in touch if you’d like to chat through any creative ideas you have for the venue before the big day.

If you’d like to come and visit the venue so that you can get a better idea of what will look great and compliment the wedding theme and the venue, then get in touch. We’ll arrange an appointment for you and gladly show you around.

We don’t want to limit your imagination and creativity but there are a few things we don’t allow at Pendrell Hall.

Read on to find out what we do and don’t allow.

Candles – Yes!

Tealights in the small glass holders or votives are fine but not placed on shelving that has shelving above it, unless they are LED tealights.

Top Tip – Please supply the tealights that last for 8 hours so that they only have to be refreshed once, if at all.

Church style candles are also fine, as long as they’re inside a hurricane lamp, and wedged in with sand or something to stop them toppling.

If using candelabra’s and the candles are within the flower arrangements the candles will not be lit for safety reasons. Please always supply non-drip candles for use in candelabra.

Candles – No!

Please be aware that the registrars do not allow lit candles on the signing table, just in case it sets fire to the marriage certificate!! You can use enclosed candles up the aisle in The Morning Room, as pictured.

NO real candles can be used throughout the venue if there is any pampas grass, under any circumstances, due to risk of fire.

LED Candles or Battery Powered Fairy Lights offer a great alternative to a naked flame.


If you fancy a gorgeous ‘sparkler shot’ please discuss this with the Events Team at Pendrell Hall at the earliest opportunity.

We allow sparklers to be lit in The Fountain area. Please do not light sparklers anywhere else at the venue.

You’ll need to supply the sparklers, plenty of lighters and a bucket of sand for extinguishing the sparklers.

Please don’t ever supply sparklers as a ‘favour’ on the table and it’s a great idea to designate a sensible (and sober!) guest to manage the sparkler shot.

Florists – What You Need to Know

We love seeing the exquisite floral artistry created for weddings. If you’re supplying flowers for a wedding at Pendrell Hall you are welcome at the venue from 10am on the wedding day. We’ll be onsite to greet you and to show you where to place any floral decorations and centrepieces.

We’ve got a cool place to store any buttonholes and bridal bouquets.

Please be aware that we do not have a suitable area for you to arrange flowers onsite, we expect you to deliver finished pieces.

Big Decorative Items

If you’re supplying any large decorative items such as vintage cycles, gramophones, birdcages, decorative step ladders, type writers…please be aware that we will move these items into storage at the end of the night.

If you’ve hired these items out to the couple and would prefer to dismantle any large items yourself, please contact us to arrange collection of the items at midnight on the night of the wedding.

Table Plan Mirror

The gorgeous Table Plan Mirror sits in the amazing Oak Panelled Entrance Hall  and it's the perfect way to present your Seating Plan for the Wedding Breakfast.

Print your tables separately and attach them to the mirror with blue tack - sometimes the simplest ideas work best!

The area available for your plan is 83 cm x 53cm

Please do not apply stickers to any of our mirrors (they're incredibly difficult to remove.)

Sorry but We Don’t Allow…

Chinese Lanterns or Balloon Releases are not allowed due to our rural location. (We like happy sheep!)

Fireworks are not allowed.

Glitter Bars are not allowed.

We do not allow any tape to be used to fix items to any part of the venue.

We provide all the furniture at Pendrell Hall and we don’t allow other furniture to be used. The only exception to this is that alternative chairs for your outdoor wedding at Pendrell Hall may be hired through our preferred supplier.

If you’ve got an idea for something and you’re unsure of whether we’ll allow it or not, just ask us. We’ll always try to be as accommodating as possible.

Drop Offs and Collections

Wedding suppliers are welcome from 10am on the wedding day with the couple’s exclusive use starting at 11am.

Please arrange to collect any items at 9.30am the morning after the wedding. I’m afraid it it not possible for us to store items for any longer periods of time.

Chair Sashes & Bunting Hooks

We cannot fix chair sashes in place due to the amount of time it takes on the morning of the wedding. However, we have a fantastic selection of Venue Dressers on our Handpicked Suppliers List who can supply and fit your chair sashes from 10am on the big day.

Please remember to make/order any bunting to the correct sizes, supply detailed setup instructions and deliver any bunting or fairy lights untangled and ready to hang.

Click the button below to find our Bunting Hook Measurements and don't forget to add in a little extra for the swag!

Bunting Measurements