Dogs at Pendrell Hall


At Pendrell Hall

Dogs Are Family

For many pet owners, their furry friend is an integral part of their family. Including your dog on your wedding day is way to honour this special bond and acknowledge the important role your dog plays in your life.

All couples should be able to share their big day with their special companion. That’s why we allow dogs at Pendrell Hall to attend part of your wedding day! Read our guide on how you can involve your furry loved one in one of the most important days of your life.

Dogs At Pendrell Hall

Allowing your dog to play a small part in your ceremony is the perfect way to acknowledge your special bond with them. Who better to deliver your rings as ring bearer than your adorable pooch!? So long as you think they will be up for the task!

Following their ring bearing duties, we ask that your dog remains outdoors. Your gorgeous pup may stick around in the gardens to join you for photographs. To ensure you get the most pawsome photos, it’s always good to inform your photographer beforehand.

Dog Chaperone Service

Following your Drinks Reception, your dog will likely be in need of a well-earned rest after all the excitement! It’s time for your dog to head on home before the commencement of the Wedding Breakfast. This can sometimes be difficult to arrange. Especially when all of your loved ones will be busy enjoying your perfect day with you.

A fantastic solution to this is to use an established dog chaperone service. As one of our Handpicked Suppliers, Precious Pets Weddings offer a wonderful service for dogs at Pendrell Hall. Meaning you can relax on your wedding day, knowing that your furry friend is in safe hands.

They will care for your dog throughout your wedding day, ensuring they arrive on time and look the part. As well as assisting with the ring bearing duties and lending a hand to the photographer. They'll work together to ensure you get those adorable snaps together. You might even fancy treating your pooch to the full care and pamper day package!

Precious Pets Weddings

Rules For Dogs At Pendrell Hall

  • Inform your guests of your dog’s attendance. There’s always the chance that someone may have an allergy.
  • It’s important to take into account your dog’s personality and temperament. Some dogs may find a busy wedding environment highly overwhelming. You’ll only want to involve them if you think they will enjoy it as much as you!
  • We have six-acres of beautiful grounds brimming with wildlife, as well as farm animals grazing nearby. So please ensure that your dog stays on the lead at all times. And don’t forget those important poop bags!
  • Let your Event Manager know if you plan to involve your dog in your wedding day. They will need to inform the registrar of this arrangement.
  • As much as we love dogs, wedding guests cannot bring along their own dogs. We also don’t allow for dogs to be locked inside vehicles on the car park.
  • Dogs must be returned home prior to the Wedding Breakfast and may not stay overnight in any of the onsite accommodation.

Guide / Assistance Dog Policy