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Wedding Venue with Rooms


Pendrell Hall is an Exclusive-Use Wedding Venue With Rooms.

On your wedding day the only people wandering around the grounds of the fabulous parkland estate are your family, friends and a few discreet staff to make sure your day runs perfectly. I have to say that finding an exclusive use wedding venue was high up on my priority list when I was looking for a wedding venue with rooms.

The last thing I wanted on my wedding day was strangers gawping at my dress, or worse still, crashing my wedding reception! Exclusive-use just guarantees that on the most joyous, exciting and let’s face it, sometimes nerve wracking day of your life, you can relax and enjoy being surrounded by people who care for you.

Lavish Wedding Accommodation

So having said that Pendrell Hall is a gorgeous wedding venue with rooms, let’s talk about those rooms. Within Pendrell Hall itself, are three superbly appointed bedroom suites. I should take a moment to explain that Pendrell Hall is an architecturally stunning Victorian gentleman’s country house.  It was built in 1870 for Edward Viles, a successful writer of ‘Penny Dreadfuls’, sensational stories of high

adventure, villainy and intrigue (how fantastic!). Like all Victorian buildings it is blessed with rooms of wondrously large proportions, high ceilings and beautiful, large windows. Thus the three bedroom suites combine magnificently large proportions with contemporary, inviting interiors.

Award Winning Wedding Team

This wedding venue with rooms was rescued from years of neglect by Ben and Sarah Reeves, the visionary team behind The Ashes Barn Wedding Venue in Staffordshire, which has just been voted The Best Wedding Venue 2014 in the recent Wedding Industry Awards.  They have a unique vision and understand

what today’s couples are looking for in a wedding venue.  Not for them, sticky carpets and hideous velour chairs, oh no! They have transformed Pendrell Hall into a wedding venue with rooms which meets the needs and expectations of today’s discerning couples.

Your Wedding Night

As I mentioned, there are three bedroom suites; the Bride and Groom get to choose which one they’d like to stay in on their wedding night, then they can choose to offer the other two to whomever they choose.  That could be parents, siblings or the Maid of Honour and the Best Man perhaps, with their respective

partners. All three suites are unique; when the Bride and Groom view Pendrell Hall they can view all three suites to see which suits them.  For me, it would be ‘Pink & Rose’ just so I could enjoy a deep bath whilst admiring the view!

Guest Accommodation at Pendrell Hall

In addition to the three luxury suites within Pendrell Hall itself, there are a number of options for your wedding guests, should they wish to stay overnight too.  Don’t forget to check out the accommodation section of Pendrell Hall’s website and watch this

space for news of the all new Pendrell Hall Accommodation E-Brochure, coming soon with details and gorgeous photographs of all the different options for both you and your guests at this sensational wedding venue with rooms.

Up to 60 guests can stay here at Pendrell Hall in addition to the Bride & Groom.

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