The Grounds

Pendrell Hall in Staffordshire is one of the country’s most exciting new exclusive use wedding venues. Built in a bygone era, this elegant red-brick private house is surrounded by formal terraced lawns which overlook a timeless and romantic parkland view making it a stunning and totally private location for your wedding.

Formal Lawns

The formal terraced lawns of this romantic country house offer any number of fabulous photographic opportunities; standing under the trailing fronds of the enormous weeping beech, with one of the country’s historic wedding venues as your backdrop, is simply inspiring. The original sundial, dated 1909 and the sweetheart’s love seat at the base of the trunk of the ancient oak tree on the lawn, provide further magical settings for your big day.

Walled Gardens

Meander just off the formal lawns and you’ll discover to your utter delight, a couple of walled gardens. Just as Mary Lennox entered ‘The Secret Garden’ (Frances Hodgson Burnett, 1910) to find it neglected but bursting with life and potential, the walled gardens at Pendrell Hall have missed their head gardener. They will eventually be restored to all their glory but until then, they offer a peaceful and private space to explore and daydream in.

Woodland Walks

The estate also features a couple of secluded woodland walks, as your feet walk across the soft carpet of ivy, deep into the wood you can almost forget where you are, the mature trees provide a lustrous canopy overhead and the Victorian fascination with exotic planting is evident in the diversity of trees and shrubs along the walk.

Stunning Setting

When wandering about the majestic gardens of this stunning country house wedding venue it is easy to immerse yourself in the romance of a bygone era.


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