No Corkage at Pendrell Hall - Cris Lowis

What does No Corkage actually mean?


Book Pendrell Hall for your wedding and experience our class-leading wedding service, which includes our incredibly popular no corkage drinks option. Here’s a little Q&A explaining everything you need to know about No Corkage:


Q: What does no corkage actually mean?

A: Our no corkage drinks option means that you can supply all your daytime wedding drinks without incurring any corkage charge or service fee.

(It is normal practice for other venues to charge a corkage fee on every bottle you supply. Corkage can be anywhere from £12 to £20 per bottle corkage fee. That’s on top of the cost of the drinks, ouch!)

No Corkage at Pendrell Hall - Cris Lowis

No Corkage at Pendrell Hall - Cris Lowis

Q: When will our no corkage drinks be served?

A: At your Drinks Reception which takes place immediately after your ceremony at the venue, or upon arrival at the venue if you’re getting married in church.

You can also supply all the drinks to accompany your Wedding Breakfast meal which follows the Drinks Reception.
Service of your drinks stops at the end of the wedding breakfast meal when The Library Bar opens.

Q: What drinks should we supply?

A: You can pretty much let your imagination run wild and supply the drinks you love.

The classics always work well; some bubbly or a lovely glass of Pimms at your drinks reception and some delicious and elegant wines to accompany your wedding breakfast meal.

There are a couple of restrictions on what you can supply and our team of award-winning Event Managers can give you loads of advice and top tips on which reception drinks get the celebrations off to a kick start without leaving guests too tipsy to enjoy their meal!

No Corkage at Pendrell Hall - Cris Lowis

No Corkage at Pendrell Hall - Cris Lowis

Q: How will we know how much to supply?

A: Book Pendrell Hall for your wedding and you’ll get access to our amazing online Wedding Planner which features our unique Drinks Calculator.

Pop in your guest numbers and it’ll work out exactly how many drinks you need and how many bottles that equates to. Genius!

Q: What happens to any leftovers?

A: If you’ve got a bit carried away and supplied many more bottles than were needed on the day, we’ll store the unopened bottles for you overnight and you can collect them from us the day after the wedding.

Hopefully, if you’ve used our fab drinks calculator, you’ll have supplied just about the right amount.

No Corkage at Pendrell Hall - Cris Lowis

No Corkage at Pendrell Hall - Cris Lowis

Q: Do we have to supply all the glassware?

A: Absolutely not!

Our awesome caterers will supply all the glassware, fruit for the Pimms, ice and professional waiting-on staff to ensure the smooth flow of drinks throughout your wedding day at no extra charge.

Q: What’s in it for you?

A: Nothing! We just hate corkage, it’s not the way we do things.

We work really hard to INCLUDE as much as we possibly can in the Venue Hire Price and we don’t charge you ‘extra’ for anything.

Download our e-brochure today and discover more about our inclusive wedding service. Better still, book a viewing and let us talk you through all the things we offer, while we show you around this stunning country house wedding venue.

No Corkage at Pendrell Hall - Cris Lowis

No Corkage at Pendrell Hall - Cris Lowis

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Jo & Angus’s Wedding Gallery

We adore these amazing shots of Jo and Angus’s fabulous Pendrell Hall Wedding. They absolutely rocked their wedding; their stunning Art Deco touches brought The Ballroom at Pendrell Hall to life and they wowed guests during their drinks reception with a Birds of Prey Demonstration by Ring on a Wing.

It was such an incredible day and we wish them all the very best for their future together.

Thank you so much to Cris Lowis Wedding Photography for sharing these spectacular images of a wonderful wedding. Please check out the full gallery.


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