No Corkage Country House Wedding Venue


Pendrell Hall is a no corkage country house wedding venue.


You can supply your own daytime drinks for your wedding and we don’t charge corkage.

Genius right!?

It’s a really popular option but it’s not always the most practical choice because you need to deliver the drinks to Pendrell Hall at 9am the day before your wedding and sometimes that’s just not possible, especially where you live some distance away from the venue. That’s why…


We offer 3 equally cost-effective ways of supplying your wedding drinks:


1. Supply Your Own

Pendrell Hall is a no corkage country house wedding venue; you are welcome to supply your own drinks for both the drinks reception and your wedding breakfast meal without incurring any corkage fee.

2. Order from The Cellar

You can choose from the exceptional selection of discounted drinks available from The Cellar; this hand-picked selection is available to order direct from us on a sale or return basis.

3. Order a Drinks Package

Available to order directly from Pendrell Hall, these generous drinks packages feature a superior selection of drinks at discounted prices, supplied in just the right quantity.


The Cellar – Exciting Drinks at Enticing Prices


We love our wine merchants,they excel in finding amazing, fresh, exciting drinks at fantastic prices that won’t blow your budget.

They’ve been in the business a very long time and what they don’t know about sourcing amazing drinks probably isn’t worth knowing but they never get pompous or too carried away. They understand that wedding drinks need to appeal to a broad spectrum of guests and palates.


We chose to be a no corkage country house wedding venue because we’ve always hated being charged corkage.

Our Cellar prices are so low because we’re not out to make money on your wedding drinks, we want you to have an amazing wedding. Offering you the option to order your drinks through The Cellar is a service we offer to help make that happen.

Why You’ll Love The Cellar

Simple Order Form – Complete your order, email it to us and we’ll do the rest.

Try Drinks at Home – You’ll get to try our recommended drinks at your Tasting Day but you can order a selection to try at home at any time.

Pay on your Credit Card – Spread the wedding costs and pay for your drinks on your credit card; we don’t charge any credit card fees on cellar orders.

No Lugging! – Trust me, you’ll have better things to do on the morning before your wedding, than loading up your car(s) with a load of drinks, driving to the wedding venue and unloading all the drinks into the chiller or catering kitchens.

Sale or Return – If you order too much, no problem! We’ll keep any un-opened drinks and refund you for them. Of course, if you’d like to keep some as a memento, that’s no problem you can collect it the morning after the wedding.

Great Choice – We know what drinks works best at a wedding and we offer a great choice of beers, wines, bubbles, long drinks, mixers, soft drinks

Low Prices – We pass on the savings our wine merchants offer us for being a very good regular customer. You’ll be amazed at how competitive our prices are.

Get Money Back – We’ll refund you for any leftovers about 10 days after the wedding, when a little money coming back into your account is always welcome!

The Cellar List & Prices


Want to visit Pendrell Hall?

If you’d like to visit Pendrell Hall no corkage country house wedding venue, we’d love to hear from you.

One of our experienced Event Managers will give you a guided tour of Pendrell Hall and talk you through its features; they’ll be plenty of time for you to ask questions and get some expert advice and top tips for planning a wedding.

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Thank you to Rob Gillespie for the wonderful photographs.

Rob Gillespie