No Corkage Charge Wedding Venue


Pendrell Hall is a no corkage charge wedding venue, we give you the option to supply your own daytime drinks and we do not apply a corkage charge.


What is Corkage?

At many other wedding venues a corkage charge is applied to any drinks you supply for your own wedding. This is sometimes a flat fee or a charge applied per drink; it can mount up!

Pendrell Hall is a no corkage charge wedding venue, we believe you should have the option to supply your own daytime drinks without any corkage fee.

Do I Have to Supply Drinks at my Wedding?

It is your happy duty as the Bride and Groom to provide some drinks for your guests but it’s up to you how you do that; there are 3 ways to supply your wedding drinks at Pendrell Hall:


Supply Your Own

Pendrell Hall is a no corkage charge wedding venue; you are welcome to supply your own drinks for both the drinks reception and your wedding breakfast meal without incurring a corkage fee.

Order from The Cellar

You can choose from the exceptional selection of discounted drinks available from The Cellar; this hand-picked selection is available to order direct from us on a sale or return basis.

Order a Drinks Package

Available to order directly from Pendrell Hall, these generous drinks packages feature a superior selection of drinks at discounted prices, supplied in just the right quantity.


What Drinks Should I Serve?

When thinking about what to serve at your drinks reception consider that most of your guests will be ready for a drink; that’s great and your reception drinks should kick start your celebrations but if you serve very strong drinks to thirsty guests you may end up with some exceedingly tipsy guests a little too early in the proceedings! You’ve put your heart and soul into selecting an amazing wedding breakfast menu, it’d be a shame if half your guests were too giddy to enjoy it.

That’s why the classics work so well; a glass of bubbly, a nice fruity Pimms, a bottled beer, they take the edge off and help guests relax without getting them too inebriated!


For further details about our no corkage charge wedding venue policy, please visit the Food and Drink section of the website, alternatively please feel free to contact us.

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