Your Viewing

What To Expect

Important Information About Your Visit

You've made the fabulous decision to come and visit Pendrell Hall Wedding Venue! Nothing beats seeing your potential wedding venue with your own eyes.

We'll be in touch very soon to confirm a date and time for your visit.

Please take a moment to familiarise yourself with the information shared below on how a Covid-19 Secure Viewing works, so that we can keep you safe during your visit.

Before Your Set Off

Please let us know the make, model and colour of your vehicle in advance of your viewing.

It’s important that just the two of you attend your viewing. (Please do not bring any children, babies or pets.)

You might want to pop a drink in your vehicle, as sadly, we are unable to pop the prosecco with you in the usual manner and won’t be able to offer any refreshments.

Please be aware that there will be other couples viewing the venue on the same day as you. Our staggered appointment times ensure minimal contact with other couples and give our wedding specialists plenty of time to wipe down any touch points in between appointments.

If at any time prior to your viewing appointment you feel unwell or develop any symptoms of coronavirus, please stay at home.

When You Arrive

Please pull into our private car park, just in time for your viewing appointment and wait inside your vehicle for us to come to you. We’ll try to be super-prompt and look forward to inviting you to accompany our Wedding Specialist on a tour of the wedding venue and grounds.

During The Tour

Please maintain a distance of 2 metres from your Wedding Specialist throughout the tour and avoid contact with surfaces if at all possible. There will be plenty of opportunities to apply hand sanitiser.

You are welcome to wear a facemask and we ask for your understanding should our Wedding Specialist choose to wear one.

Your tour of the venue is scheduled to last forty-five minutes and we look forward to showing you around the wedding venue and Hall Suites. (As per pre-covid-19 visits, it is not be possible to view any of the other overnight accommodation.)

Choosing Your Wedding Venue

We know choosing your wedding venue is a huge decision and we want you to enjoy every moment of your engagement and your wedding planning journey.

Falling in love with your wedding venue is am important first step but a wedding is about more than just the venue, you’ll want to get a feel for the team and an understanding of how we can support you, from this first hello, throughout your wedding planning, to waving you off on your honeymoon as a married couple!

We’d normally sit down with you at the end of the tour and chat through your initial ideas, offering help and advice on how we can bring your wedding wishlist to life.

Whilst it’s not possible for us to sit down with you at this viewing, we’ll ask if you’d like to book a follow up call with us via Zoom, where we can answer any initial queries you might have, chat through the food and drink options in details and explain how our event management services help take the stress out of wedding planning and add extra fun in!

What You'll Take Home

Rather than hand you a printed information pack we'll make sure you've got access to the Priority Information section of our website.

This password protected resource contains all the detail you need to make an informed decision about whether Pendrell Hall is the one for you.

You'll get full details of how the wedding food and drink options work, a detailed breakdown of how to book and lots more.