Money Saving Tips


If you’re dreaming of country houses for weddings but are anxious about the cost, you needn’t be; here’s some top tips for maximising the impact of your country house wedding at Pendrell Hall while minimising the outlay!



Consider a Mid-Week Wedding

Pendrell Hall is one of the West Midlands most stunning country houses for weddings and it’s just as beautiful on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday as it is on a Saturday.

You’ll get exactly the same amazing wedding venue and high level of service whichever day of the week you book; nothing changes other than the wedding venue hire price, which is considerably less for a mid-week wedding.

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Supply your own Drinks

Pendrell Hall is one of the few country houses for weddings that operates a no corkage policy. You can supply all your own daytime drinks and we won’t charge you any corkage fees. That is a fortune saved right there!

Not only are we keen to save you money but we want you to have a stress free wedding with us too, that’s why we offer you the option to take advantage of our connections and source incredible, discounted-drinks through Pendrell Hall’s own Cellar. You’ll save money and save yourself the hassle of dropping all the drinks off at the venue the day before the wedding.


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Go Minimal

When it comes to decorating, Pendrell Hall is already one of the most attractive country houses for weddings; with stunning original Arts & Crafts features throughout, combined with fresh contemporary interior furnishings, you can be sparing with your decoration without it ever looking underdressed.

Opting for flowers that are in season is the most cost effective way to maximise the impact of your floral arrangements and don’t forget, any decorations you provide for the ceremony room can be moved over to The Ballroom during the drinks reception, so you get double the use out of them!


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Stun Guests without Blowing Your Budget

Your wedding guests will really look forward to the wedding breakfast. Quite often they’ve had an early start and a few drinks by the time they take their seats for this celebratory meal and they’ll be ready for it.

Our exclusive catering partners work with a select few country houses for weddings; they’re experienced, inventive and excel in serving up sensational dishes your guests will rave about for months after your wedding.

Why not stun your guests by adding an unexpected course, perhaps an incredible Amuse Bouche to awaken their taste buds as guests take their seats, or a stunning sorbet course between the starter and the main course. You’ll be amazed at what little impact these extra courses have on your catering price per head, in sharp contrast to the impact they have on your guests’ enjoyment of your wedding.


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Come and see for yourself.

We hope you’ve found these money saving tips useful. We’d love to welcome you to Pendrell Hall for a viewing.

We’ll show you around the venue and chat through all the many items and services included in the venue hire price.


Thank you to James at Attention To Detail Photography for the wonderful photographs.

James at ATD Photography