Best Wedding Locations for a Party

Best Wedding Locations


….for Partying ‘till you Drop!

The best wedding locations for an epic wedding reception are always exclusive-use wedding venues. The fact that the venue doesn’t have to consider anyone else’s needs on your wedding day, other than you and your guests, means that they can be a bit more flexible about what you can get up to! You’ll also want to

look for a wedding venue with rooms, if you’re going all out for a wild night of fun and dancing then the best wedding locations for that, also offer a comfortable bed at the end of the night for you and your guests to fall into.  There’s nothing more unappealing than a long taxi ride home after a great party.

Party at Pendrell

Here at Pendrell Hall we’ve worked with plenty of couples who want to have fun on their wedding day and quite frankly, we’re all for it! In fact, we’ve got some great tips on how to get your guests revved up and in the mood for dancing the night away.


If you want your wedding day to flow beautifully, with no long gaps where from a guest’s point of view nothing seems to be happening, then don’t forget to talk your wedding timings through

with one of our experienced Event Managers.  If guests are kept engaged, entertained and amused throughout the day, they’re more likely to be in the mood for a boogie in the evening.

Live Music

Our recommended DJs are amazing but nothing beats a live band if you’re looking to get everyone up on their feet and going for it on the dance floor.  The Ballroom at Pendrell Hall was built for fabulous parties back in the day when things were perhaps a little

more demure, none-the-less it provides one of the best wedding locations for a  party in terms of acoustics, atmosphere and all out gorgeousness!

Something Silly

A few bubbles, a silly game during the wedding breakfast, a fabulous photobooth after dinner complete with silly wigs, fake moustaches and daft hats.  Anything that gets guests laughing and having fun will make it a truly memorable day for everyone.

One couple even put out semi-permanent tattoos as their wedding favours, it was very original and by the end of the night we’d lost count of how many tipsy men we’d seen with a big ‘True Love’ tattoo on their forehead!

Lead by example!

You can choose the best wedding locations in the world but your guests won’t truly let their hair down unless you do.  You’ve got to lead by example.

The best way to get your guests on the dance floor is for you to get on there yourselves and burn that dance floor up!

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